About Steve Marks

Steve has been teaching for over nine years. His passion is in creative thinking and using the arts to explore and express concepts. He does a fair bit of art in his spare time and exhibited a few times in 2015. He loves to talk and share ideas with young and old.

Term 4 Inquiry Groups

The focus of our inquiry has been to understand our world. With all the climate change devastation, it’s equally important that we have insights into how we can continue to contribute to positive change, and see examples of this.

All living things depend on their (built and natural) environments for their survival and wellbeing.

The way we interact with our environments affects them and us in both positive and negative ways.

For the last 4 weeks, we have been exploring our environments in relation to

  • waste systems
  • transport systems
  • urban planning
  • water systems
  • land and conservation

We have been able to read a variety of articles (using 3 Close Reads as a reading comprehension strategy) related to our focus, research issues and topics of our own interest as, well as make connections to the ways people are able to help and hinder sustaining our environment.

Home Connections

If you see any examples of people, groups, or organisations who are working towards sustainability, regeneration or encouraging positive change, please highlight this with your family and share your networks with us.

Summer holidays are also a great time to involve the family in community clean-ups, replanting, etc. in your own neighbourhood. These events are also opportunities for your child to meet like-minded kids, local councilors, environmentalists, and other role models that may inspire their passions and future pathways!



Deconstructing and Constructing Learning with Nudel Kart

On Friday, students in the Transport Inquiry group were given the opportunity to use Nudel Kart as a provocation for their inquiry. Students participated in an incursion with the Nüdel Kart, facilitated by Play Specialist Cat Sewell.  Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable, mobile play kart that can be reconfigured in endless ways to encourage self-directed learning. It contains research-backed specially selected materials to stimulate children’s development. They explored, played and designed their own structures using the open-ended materials. For more information check out their website: https://www.nudelkart.com/


Harmony Week celebrations

Harmony Week is a celebration of Australia’s cultural diversity.  The week takes place from the 17-23 March and we are inviting our school community to attend a special assembly on Friday 29 March at 9am, so that each neighbourhood can showcase how they celebrated this very important week. We would love to see you there.

Fully alive in week five

After lots of organisation we are finally getting into a grove. Workshops are now underway with students engaging in Math, Speaking and listening, Reading, and Writing workshops. We’re sinking our teeth into our central idea…

Australia is a secular, democratic nation with a dynamic, multicultural and multi-faith society. Living and working successfully together allows us to achieve greater outcomes.

During Dialogic Pedagogy (speaking and listening) workshops we’ve been engaging in a panel show called HOT DESK where we have debates and discussions about different things such as ‘Children aren’t smart enough to make important decisions’ . We’re uploading them and sharing them on the student blog, so stay tuned to that space. These points of discussion have fuelled an interest in persuasive writing that have been explored during Writing workshops.

In Maths, we’ve been looking at chance and probability along with developing metacognition about strategies used during math games and started to explore ways that the government use data about citizens to make informed decisions.